Remain human — surrealistic action-RPG in sci-fi setting of future far away. Main character woke up infront of save capsule in the middle of the forest on unknown planet. Pillar of black smoke rises from far alien jungles - there is a place which he must reach. Strange whispers between trees pursuit him, and all planet around speak with him. Will he separate reality from unreality, voices around from voices from his own head?
It is non-linear story about humanity, its future and things, that makes us human.It is story about exploration of world beyond man and its reflections within him. And, of course, it is a psychedelic horror, violence and rapture. It is an isometric action-rpg, that contains some survival mechanics and text quests.

25+ hours of gameplay. No grind, no boring activities.
• Story based on philosophical, anthropological and futurological works. Visual style inspired by works of surreal artists of XX century and artists of Renaissance.
• More than 30 different enemies with their own tactics, attacks and advantages.
Skill-based fighting system. You can trap enemy, poison enemy, lure them and make fight against each other. And of course you can kill it by your own hands in melee or range fight.
• Unusual exciting world to explore. Unknown planet with different flora and fauna in different locations.
• Exclusive subconscious mechanic that will give you new narrative experience. Explore the procedural world of mind, that reflects events and things from real world.
• Exclusive exploration mechanic. Hunting animals, studying plants and environment - it all give you real advantages, not only abstract experience points.
RPG without quests - just do what you should do using way you want to use and see what happens then.

We are - Andrew and Anna - two passionate lovers. Our love inspires us for ideas, that we make alive.

Coil is a brand name for all artworks, that will be created by us. Saying artworks we speak about videogames at first. Videogames are part of human culture equal to literature and cinema for example. Each videogame is more or less object of an art than another game, but, we believe in it, games that we try to make alive must be considered as artworks. Maybe not the best ones, but ones. As any other art, videogames are reflections of thoughts and ideas that living in creators heads. We think, that there is no forbidden themes, issues or ideas. Man can speak, and he should, if he has something to say. And he should not be afraid of society's opinion, he must try to be strong enough to change it.

Of course, development of any kind of videogame is a very complicated work, and we can't create game without any help. Our old and new friends from different countries help us making alive our ideas as videogames. We are very grateful to them all.

A man needs a man friend.

We are live since MMXIV.
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